About project

ReValueProtein will explore opportunities to obtain additional value from low, neutral or negative value meat processing streams. Protein recovery can enhance the economic performance and improve the environmental impact of the meat industry through the generation of high value protein-rich functional co-products.

ReValueProtein is a nationally funded research project bringing together a multidisciplinary team to support innovation in the Irish meat Industry. The project will generate technical know-how to develop and optimize processing conditions for protein extraction from the beef and pork fifth quarters, followed by isolation, characterisation and investigation of various applications in food, beverage, health and biomedical engineering.

ReValueProtein aims to reduce waste generation and prioritise low input/low energy approaches for protein recovery. Analysis of consumer attitudes and risk communication will provide a solid basis for developing commercialisation strategies.

The project’s primary focus is on beef and pork, however research outputs are expected to be of great value to other muscle-food processing industries.


ReValueProtein 2015

Funding: FIRM Programme Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine under the National Development Plan20072013 funded by the Irish Government - Grant Award No. 11/F/043