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Onwards and upwards: business opportunities and challenges for co-products from the meat processing chain.

A half-day seminar took place in Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin on the 26th of April, 2018. The event was hosted by the BioOpps project - Opportunities for ingredients derived from co-products of the Irish red meat industry (DAFM FIRM 15 F 707). Speakers provided updates on the current scenario, challenges and opportunities for co-products from the meat processing chain. Teagasc ReValueProtein researcher, Dr Carlos Alvarez, reviewed the project advances in this area, highlighting potential opportunities in order to move forward. Presentations from the Seminar are now available online.


Seminar on Meat Co-products in Teagasc Ashtown campus

ReValueProtein is delighted to be co-hosting a seminar on Meat Co-products in Teagasc Ashtown campus in Dublin on the 26th of April 2018. The seminar will provide an update of the research in this area and look at current practices, business opportunities and challenges for co-products coming from the meat processing chain. In particular it will include updates from the BioOpps project, which looked at opportunities for functional and bioactive protein ingredients derived from co-products of the Irish meat industry. The event will have speakers from the industry as well as from research organisations and government agencies. The objective of the day is to give attendees a comprehensive view of the current situation around co-products from the meat processing chain, in Ireland and in other countries. For more details and to register, click here


Key note talk at the 63rd annual International Congress of Meat Science and Technology

ReValueProtein co-ordinator Dr Anne Maria Mullen presented a very well received key note talk at the 63rd annual International Congress of Meat Science and Technology in Cork  (August, 2017), entitled  “Alternative uses for co-products: Harnessing the potential of valuable compounds from meat processing chains”. The talk generated a lot of interest on the ReValueProtein project approach to produce meat as sustainably as possible, bringing together researchers and industry to get the best value from this valuable resource.

A scientific paper has also published in a special edition of the Meat Science Journal (link here).


More than meats the eye - TResearch Magazine, Summer 2017

The ReValueProtein project hosted a one-day event in February 2017, exploring the area of animal (non-dairy) protein extraction from meat processing co-products, for high-value applications.
Over 55 participants from industry, academia and State bodies attended. The day provided an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas for innovation in the Irish meat industry and ReValueProtein researchers from Teagasc, University College Cork, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland Galway, and Institute of Technology Tralee/Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre were on hand to discuss the various aspects of their work.

You can read more here


Animal blood a source of high-added-value ingredients

A recent scientific publication by ReValueProtein researchers has highlighted the various applications for blood proteins as functional ingredients and the State of the Art in blood processing. The article also featured on Nutraingredients weekly Newsletter,  in a piece by Nathan Gray: “Bloody good idea? Could 'wasted' animal blood be alternative protein source?

You can access the original article here

Meat Co-Products workshop - UPDATE


Revalueprotein Meat co-products Workshop took place in the Teagasc Conference Centre in Dublin on the 15th of February 2017: a very busy and informative day!
Expert presentations provided an overview of current issues, trends and opportunities in the area of animal (non-dairy) protein extraction, products and applications.
In the afternoon session, researchers from the Revalueprotein project demonstrated the properties of a selection of protein powders, gels, emulsions and films, as well as collagen fibres and sponges for biomedical applications.
Workshop presentations are now available on the Teagasc website (here).

Meat Co-Products workshop • 15-02-2017


We are delighted to be hosting a Meat Co-Products workshop that will give participants an update on the latest national and international advances in basic and applied research in the areas of animal (non-dairy) protein extraction. Our main focus will be on the development of high value products from bovine and porcine fifth quarter for applications in food, sports nutrition, pet-food and biomedical areas. For more details and to register, click here

18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology


The 18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology - IUFoST took place in Dublin, Ireland, August 21st - 25th 2016. Filled with interesting presentations, networking opportunities and exhibition stands, there were over 1400 delegates attending from all around the world. The Revalueprotein project was represented in the Recovery of Value stand from Teagasc Gateways, and also in scientific posters and presentations sessions during the conference.
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4th International ISEKI_Food Conference

Revalueprotein researchers attended the 4th International ISEKI_Food Conference held in Vienna, Austria this July 2016. The Conference focused on Responsible Research and Innovation in the Food Value Chain and included a Food Waste Recovery Workshop (chaired by Dr. Charis M. Galanakis, Galanakis Laboratories, Greece) dedicated to the Recovery of Valuable Compounds (i.e. polyphenols, carotenoids, antioxidants, dietary fibers, proteins etc) from Food Processing By-products. The workshop was organized by the Special Interest Group 5 (SIG5) of the ISEKI Food Association. Read more


Food Research International

Revalueprotein researchers have publish new findings: Bovine serum albumin was obtained from whole bovine blood and hydrolyzed with the food-grade enzyme papain. A number of novel bioactive peptides from the papain hydrolysate were identified using de novo peptide sequencing and a fraction of those was assessed for antihypertensive activity in vivo using spontaneously hypertensive rats. Results showed a reduced systolic blood pressure over a 24 h period when compared with the control (p < 0.001). The potential of bovine serum albumin as a source of bioactive peptides with health-promoting properties and potential for use as functional food ingredients was demonstrated.

Link: (Food Research International, Volume 81, March 2016, Pages 91–99)


EURO FOOD CHEM conference

Revalueprotein researchers attended the XVIII EURO FOOD CHEM held in Madrid, Spain, on the 13 - 16 October 2015. The annual conference brings together experts from academia, research centres, administration and industries to debate on the latest scientific advances related to health, food security, sustainable agriculture, marine research and the bioeconomy. Bioactive food constituents, functional foods, chemical changes induced by processing and storage and exploitation of agri-food co-products were some of the main topics of the conference. See conference website here


Adding value to meat processing

TResearch Magazine, Spring 2015
Pages 30-31

Adding value to meat processing: The so-called ‘fifth quarter’ in meat processing has many potential uses, as the Revalueprotein project has set out to discover. Read more

Scientists research the potential benefits of offal

Green Yorkshire Dales

Irish 15/07/2014
Scientists are working on ways to harness extra value out of the ‘fifth quarter’ in the hope of adding significant value to beef animals slaughtered here.
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Potential exploitations of by-products from meat processing

Waste not Want not 

Waste not Want not – Recovering Value from Food Waste workshop, took place in Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown on February 7th 2014


Proceedings and presentations

An ‘offal’ way to add value to cattle

A surprisingly high percentage of each animal’s live weight is being underutilised. Making better use of this ‘fifth quarter’ could boost returns for farmer and processor.
Today’s Farm, July/August 2014 Volume 25, Number 4, Pages 10-11

Exploration of Irish Meat Processing Streams for Recovery of High Value Protein Based Ingredients for Food and Non-Food Uses

Teagasc Portfolio Technology for the Meat Industry, Special Edition: Meat Research and Innovation


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